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Get Your Juvederm at Carillon Minneapolis

One of the most popular dermal filler options in Minneapolis is called Juvederm. In fact, Juvederm is among the most popular dermal fillers in the country, giving patients the ability to temporarily mitigate wrinkles and lines as well as to add volume to areas of the face that were previously difficult to address. Juvederm is able to help patients look more youthful and rejuvenated because of the way that the human face manifests aging. In many cases, wrinkles and lines develop because the skin loses elasticity—meaning that your skin no longer bounces back. That can leave you with ever increasing skin and not enough volume to fill it.

When this volume to skin ratio gets out of alignment, your skin can begin to form lines and wrinkles in earnest. Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, are designed to restore volume; when that volume is restored, the lines and wrinkles in your skin begin to fade. The effects of a Juvederm injection are temporary, lasting anywhere between six to twelve months (depending on the type of Juvederm and the location of the injection). But if you like the way you look after your Juvederm injection at Carillon Minneapolis, you can get regular maintenance injections to maintain your youthful appearance.

To learn more about how Juvederm can help reduce your wrinkles and make you look more youthful, contact Carillon Minneapolis today to schedule a confidential consultation. We perform among the best Juvederm Minneapolis has to offer! (If you’re looking for Botox in Minneapolis, you can check out our page for that procedure as well.)

Am I a Good Candidate for Juvederm?

With so many injectables options on the market today, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which injectable is right for you. In general, the best Juvederm candidates will exhibit at least some of the following characteristics:

  • Lacking volume in the face
  • Lack of volume or excess of skin leading to lines and wrinkles
  • Lines and wrinkles make the face look older than you would like it to
  • Wrinkles and lines require subtle treatment
  • Not a good candidate for surgery or uninterested in surgical procedures
  • Understands and embraces the temporary nature of fillers
  • Looking to reclaim a more youthful glow
  • Maintains realistic expectations regarding what this procedure can accomplish

To learn more about whether or not you may be a good candidate for Juvederm injections, contact Carillon Minneapolis to schedule a no-pressure consultation. We’ll discuss your medical history, your desired results, and the best way to achieve the look you’re after. In most cases, your injections can be performed on the same day as your consultation, so if Juvederm is a good fit for you, your transformation can be accomplished quickly!

How Does Juvederm Work?

For patients of Carillon Minneapolis, Juvederm is a great way to diminish lines and wrinkles. But how, exactly, does Juvederm work? As with most dermal filler injections, Juvederm operates on the fact that adding volume back into your face will usually make you appear more youthful. Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid-based filler; hyaluronic acid is a substance found naturally within the human body that promotes skin rejuvenation. This means that Juvederm is generally not going to produce an allergic reaction of any kind.

Because Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler, two things occur when Juvederm is injected. First and foremost, volume is filled. Juvederm is formulated to look natural and radiant beneath the skin. After all, your skin has a very unique texture and luminescence to it; light penetrates the skin and is reflected back. Juvederm is specially formulated not to interfere with that process (in other words, it doesn’t look like there is anything beneath your skin). Second, Juvederm encourages the production of collagen and other rejuvenating elements. These elements work together to help make the skin look more youthful.

There are many variations of Juvederm, each formulated for a different area of the face. The Juvederm designed for lip augmentation, for example, is composed of much smaller molecules than the Juvederm that is designed to mitigate wrinkles and lines.

The Procedure

At Carillon Minneapolis, we pride ourselves on giving you rigorous and professional treatments carried out by medical professionals. Our Juvederm injections are no exception. Because of the experience and expertise of our team, most Juvederm procedures can be accomplished in as little as fifteen minutes. Most patients can be in and out in less than a half hour, making a Juvederm injection a perfect way to get a little lunch break lift.

During the procedure, the patient may be asked to apply an ice pack to the treated area before and after the injection. This is to help prevent bruising or redness as well as to mitigate any possible discomfort. That said, most patients experience very little discomfort during this procedure (a topical numbing agent can be used in cases where discomfort is a problem). Once the injections are complete, patients should see immediate results—usually that means smoother skin, more volume, and more lift.

In some cases, there may be bruising or redness around the treated area. Additionally, patients may want to avoid strenuous exercise for the next day or two while the filler “sets.” However, more severe complications are quite uncommon and most patients return to work or normal activities immediately after their injections. Find out more about our Minneapolis Juvederm injections by contacting us right away!

Where is Juvederm Injected?

Juvederm is a remarkably versatile injectable filler. That’s why many patients come to us with questions about where, exactly, in the face Juvederm can be injected. Patients understandably want to know which wrinkles can be adequately addressed using Juvederm and which wrinkles or lines might require other fillers (such as Voluma).
juvederm injection sites infographic
Juvederm is FDA approved to treat what are known as nasolabial folds. These are the lines that develop around the mouth (they kind of look like parentheses). Sometimes they’re known as “smile lines,” and they can be both deep and significant. These smile lines develop, in large part, due to a loss of volume in the face, making Juvederm an exceptional way to minimize the appearance of these particular wrinkles.

But Juvederm can also be applied to other areas of the face, including the following:

  • Marionette lines (the lines that develop under the corners of the mouth)
  • Around the jawline
  • The lips (sometimes this is used for aesthetic or augmentation reasons)
  • The nose, where loss of volume has become an issue leading to wrinkles and lines
  • Other volume-loss wrinkles that develop around the face

Juvederm’s manufacturer, Allergan, makes this injectable available in two basic variation: Ultra and Ultra Plus. Juvederm Volbella is generally used for wrinkles and lines that are closer to the surface of the skin, while Ultra Plus is formulated to treat wrinkles that originate more deeply.

Can I Get Juvederm for Lips?

Loss of volume in the lips can lead to unsightly lines and wrinkles. The lips are especially susceptible to this because, once the loss of volume occurs, lines and wrinkles tend to multiple incredibly quickly. This can make patients look much older than they feel.

It is sometimes possible to get Juvederm injections for the lips, depending on the patient’s overall desired outcome. Because the lips tend to be quite delicate, Juvederm XC (which contains smaller molecules of the hyaluronic acid-based filler) is often used in order to generate finer results. However, patients who want a lip augmentation will be given Juvederm Ultra Plus.

Dermal fillers are also often used in order to generate changes to the lips for aesthetic reasons. It is possible to increase the size of the lips using dermal fillers such as Juvederm Ultra Plus. As with other fillers, the results will be temporary.

What is Juvederm Made From?

Juvederm, much like other fillers, is a hyaluronic-acid based filler. That sounds, perhaps, a little intimidating. So it might be worth making note of what hyaluronic acid actually is and how Juvederm makes use of it.

Hyaluronic acid is actually a substance that is naturally found in the human body. In its natural state and occurrence, it tends to be found most often in fluids that are present in the joints and around the eyes. Hyaluronic acid, broadly defined, has a wide array of uses—including as a way of promoting healing after eye surgery and in order to improve joint health.

In the contexts of cosmetic surgery and medical spas, hyaluronic acid-based fillers are somewhat different. The molecules of fillers such as Juvederm as specially formulated to do two things:

  • Take Up Space: Any dermal filler is designed first and foremost to fill volume. The hyaluronic-acid based molecules in Juvederm are specially formulated to fill volume in a way that looks natural and that allows for your skin’s own radiance to show through. In other words, it has to be at once opaque and transparent—just like your skin!
  • Break Down Over Time: There are some patients who are interested in so-called “permanent” fillers, but most patients are content with temporary results. Juvederm is designed to do just that, breaking down in the body over time and being absorbed. Because hyaluronic acid is already naturally found in your body, this happens in a safe and slow way.

Juvederm is not the only hyaluronic acid-based filler on the market today. That’s because hyaluronic acid is a versatile base—and the many variations of these fillers on the market allow surgeons to treat a wide variety of issues and symptoms.

How Much Does Juvederm Cost?

The cost of Juvederm injections is usually measured by volume. Most patients will end up paying a certain dollar amount per cubic centimeter of Juvederm. There will be some cost variations, broadly speaking, depending on the provider and the region of the country you’re in.

At Carillon Minneapolis, Juvederm starts at about  $550 per vial. Patients can usually expect to spend at least $550.00 for a typical treatment (though it should be noted that the size of the treated area will have a direct impact on the cost of the procedure).

A Popular Procedure at Carillon Minneapolis

Because Juvederm injections can make your face appear more youthful and more radiant, and because they require a relatively small commitment of time, they are an incredibly popular option for patients that are looking to appear more youthful and temporarily eliminate wrinkles in a hurry. The expertise and experience of the team at Carillon Minneapolis will help ensure you get as close to the look you want as possible. If you want to know more about what Juvederm can do for you and how it can help you look more youthful and radiant, contact us to schedule a no-pressure consultation. Your transformation could be just around the corner!

Individual results may vary.

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